3D Modelling of Urych Rocks


Tustan Rocks historical complex

The Urych rocks are 55 million years old. During the 9th-16th centuries, there was a town on rocks – Tustan fortress. This strategic point of the Carpathian defensive line was a combined customs, administrative and military center. Fortifications were constructed on Kamin Rock, Ostryi Kamin and Mala Skelya. Wooden constructions of the castle were fixed in hollowed stone grooves. The building is no longer preserved, but thanks to the marks it is possible to recreate the authentic fortress.

The scientific research of Tustan was initiated by Mykhailo Rozhko about forty years ago. In Tustan the famous Ukrainian researcher discovered a unique type of fortification which has no analogues in the world. Nowadays, due to modern computer technologies it is possible to do laser scanning of rocks and 3-D modeling of the fortress, create the geo-informational system of Tustan. Archeological research and reconstruction of medieval weapons take place here as well.

#Texturized mesh model

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