Pfaffendorf Bridge


Pfaffendorf Bridge

The Pfaffendorf Bridge (German: Pfaffendorfer Br?cke) is the oldest bridge over the Rhine at Koblenz, in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It carries federal highway B 49 over the Rhine, and connects central Koblenz with the suburbs of Pfaffendorf and Ehrenbreitstein. The first bridge was completed in 1864. It was destroyed in the Second World War and the current bridge was opened in 1953.

The main task in this project was to obtain the drawings of the bridge with maximum details, allowing to investigate the damages of the bridge structures. Photogrammetric method with facade orthophoto generation was offered to a client. The task was complicated by the curved walls of the bridge.

Final results include generalized (LOD 200) 3D CAD model of the bridge, number of horizontal and vertical sections and a set of orthtophotos for every facade of the bridge. Curved facades were reprojected into a plane

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