Unrolling Round Facades


Unrolled 2d orthophotos of rounded building

Fort Asterstein was part of the Prussian fortress Koblenz and belonged to the Pfaffendorfer H?he system. It was built in the 1820s and partially razed to the ground in the 1920s. The Reduit of the fort has been completely preserved in the present-day Koblenz district of Asterstein.

The main task of this project was to obtain the unrolled 2D drawings and orthophoto generation of the fort’s facades with maximum details, allowing to investigate the damages of the Reduit structures.

Final results include 2D drawings of facades and a set of orthtophotos. Curved facades were reprojected into a plane. It is also a good example of collaboration between laser scanning and photogrammetry.

#3d modelling

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